Gota Brasil Cosméticos

Seriousness and commitment to the client


Have the ideal treatment for your hair, discover below.

For each hair, a different care.

Curly hair


Chemically treated hair

Chestnut Plus

Hair dry

Coconut Green Plus

Hairs colorful or with wicks

Noni Plus

Hair with fall and little growth


All kinds of hair

Pitaya Hydration

Devitalized Hair

Ojon Oil

Discolored hair and wicks

Argan Mask

Chemically damaged hair.

Bio-Equilibrium SOS

All kinds of hair

Macadamia Plus

All kinds of hair

Liquid Crystal

Discolored hair and wicks


Gel ultra-fixation wax-fixing

Gota Gel Wax

Quick bleach powder

Argan and proteins

Keratin Gloss of yarn realignment

Gota Liss

Molecular realignment Gloss

Blue Hair